Friday, August 04, 2006

Down Time

I took another day off from running to see if my calf pain would calm down. It has greatly and my left leg almost feels back to normal. I don't know if another day is needed or if I should run tonight. I'll probably test it cause I'm itching to run some.

I weighted in yesterday and today at 250.5 lbs. Down another pound. I'm also itching to get down in the 240's.

I've decided to start my own racing series. It will be a monthly event starting with a mile run and then lunch somewhere fun. The August Fun Run will be on the 18th and is open only to me. I think I'll have a better chance of winning. It will be timed.

Anyone that wants to run a race on the same day can add a comment stating their time, how long they've run for, city, weather conditions and anything else that is of interest.

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