Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fourth Week

this is the fourth week since I started keeping a log. Just four weeks ago I was dealing with a sore achilles in my left leg, I weighed about 251 and I was doing about 10 miles a week.

This week my goal is to do 15 miles, weigh less than 245 and enjoy all my runs.

Last night I ran 3 miles (mostly ran) in 41:49. splits of 13:30, 13:50 and 14:29. It was a great run. I started the run talking with my neighbor, who has been running around the neighborhood for years. He was very encouraging and so I started on a very positive note. My Ipod was playing Dwight Yoakim's 'Pocket of a Clown'. We didn't run together. I didn't want to slow anyone down. I will probably run with other people once I feel like I can run 3 miles without needing any walk time.

I did think less about my running last night, which helped me run longer. It was also nice that I got to run after the rain. It was much cooler and windy. 85* with 58% humidity.

I taped the Cincinnati Reds game to watch after my run. they scored 4 in the 8th to beat Houston 4-3. What a night!

Enjoy, Pat

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