Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Personal Record

Tonite was the fifth time I ran 3 times around my one mile route. I've reduced my time from 47 minutes to 45 to 44 and tonite I was at 40.05.

I've been guess how much of the 3 miles I actually run. But, It's easier to keep track of my time. The more I run, the less time it will take. I still am running less than 2 of the 3 miles. But tonite I felt like I ran more often and harder. I would run for a minute or two and then walk a bit.

I don't have a watch to keep track of the time. I use my Ipod stopwatch. It's a bit combersome, since I have to take it out of my fanny pack to read it each time. I think it's time to buy a watch/heart rate monitor combo.

I now have a goal to do 3 miles in under 36 minutes. A 12 minute pace.

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