Sunday, January 11, 2009

A 10:07 pace for 5 miles

I got in a good 5 mile run around my neighborhood. It's one of my original routes when I would just run, but mostly walk a mile. I like it because I can leave the fuel belt at home and a water on the hood of my SUV. Then I can stop for a drink whenever I make the round. Usually at miles 2 and 3.

You can see my splits below. Click to enlarge. Can you tell which mile I listened to "Eye of the Tiger" and Superman's Theme Song back to back?

Actually, it was mile two. I always seem to do well the last mile of a run. I guess I'm excited that I will have another run in the books. Speaking of which this is day #17

What would have happened if the ARizona Cardinals still played at ASU's Sun Devil Stadium? You know, the stadium that on the same day will have the PF Chang's Marathon and Half Marathon finishing in the parking lot. Just wondering.


wmd said...

great run!

Isn't it amazing how a song can effect your run like that? I have to be careful, if the first song playing on my mp3 player is too fast I need to switch to the next one so that I dont start my run too fast.

Keep it up!

SuperDave said...

Nice peppy run!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Pat, the city should really be jumping and running next weekend. Congrats on hosting the game.

Jeff said...

No kidding -- big weekend in central AZ, no doubt. How close does the route go to Glendale?

Ravens v. Cards in Tampa? Hey, it could happen!

J~Mom said...

Sweet run Pat!! That would be crazy, I wonder if they would re-route PFChang's if that was the case?

Irene said...

You've really become faster! Way to go on that run!

Adam said...

Wow, 17 in a row! There is no way that my legs could handle that. Keep up the good work!