Friday, January 30, 2009

Joe's Farm Grill

You think I was going to run a half marathon tomorrow. I've taken two days off in a row (taper?). And I've eaten a bunch of carbs today. It started at Joe's Farm Grill. An old farmhouse converted tto a burger and shake joint. It was great. Even the bathrooms were wild(Marcy check this one out).
If you want to see more pictures of Joe's, you'll have to go to my facebook page. One final thing about Joe's in Arizona. There was one fan decked out in a Cards jersey. Six Steelers fans. Now I know that everything in AZ is better than Pittsburgh. But, I didn't know we even have better Stiller fans than Pittsburgh.

Then, my daughter made this awesome Broccoli/bacon penne pasta dish.

If you like disney and you like running, this race report is a must read.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Enjoy the taper, Ha! Your weather sidebar says 66º and sunny, how did you get both? I would kill for just one, the 66º or the sun! Good luck tomorrow with that little football game.