Sunday, January 25, 2009

I ran

Got a four miler in after dinner. I felt kind of full (salad and a drumstick), so the run wasn't spectacular. That's two days in a row (darn, I'm trying not to do that).

I need a 22 mile week to reach 100 for the month.

Which might happen at the London's Run in Queen Creek. I'll probably run the 10k, but there is a HM too.

Guess what this guy wanted to buy in Tempe Arizona? Yeah, that's a lot of Franklins.


TNTcoach Ken said...

He wanted a ticket out of that crazy warm weather?

Dan Seifring said...

Super Bowl tickets or a snow storm in Arizona.

Good luck with the 100 miles (I vaguely remember those months).

J~Mom said...

Hmm...the hottest ticket in Tempe is Lion King? It's not sold out though... I don't know what he could be buying.

When is London's run? I now I could look it up but you will tell me, right? LOL

Adam said...

NO WAY! That is awesome. I want to see a report on THAT trip!!

Take pictures!

wmd said...

I wanted to buy tickets to the ballet?

Limted edition copy of Snow White?

Backstage passes to Riverdance?

hmmm... what could he want to buy? :)

RooBabs said...

Holy cow- someone hit the jackpot (or robbed a bank or something). Did you ask permission before you took his picture, or are you just really sneaky, LOL?

That's cool that you're so close to 100 miles. My highest month so far is mid-70's. I think I should shoot for 100 one of these months, though (definitely one with 31 days, so February's out, ha ha).

Pat said...

I did ask permission. He thanked me, but asked that his face not be in the shot.