Thursday, January 22, 2009

Three Hours until Midnight

and I haven't run today.
1. I admit I have a problem with running and I'm powerless. 2. I believe there's a power greater than I to help me. 3. I will turn my life over to Runner's World Magazine. 4. I've looked at my running and I know that a rest day is good for me. 5. So I admit to you, my faithful reader(s) that I have to run everyday. 6. I am ready to read all the articles about 'old guys needing rest' like the one in this months edition. 7. Please RW, write many more articles like these. 8. I have encourage Sumo and TnT Ken to run every day. 9. Sumo and Ken join me in a day off. 10. Oh, heck. I'm going for a run.

Psych. I played softball. Two games, we got crushed. I think our outfielders need to take a rest day now. Thought you'd like to see some pictures of my fans at the RnR Az HM. Visiting runners were complaining about the heat. My daughter, not so much.
My son really liked the runners, as you can see.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, you almost had me! I wonder what I'll do that day when I can't get in a run? Oh well until it happens, Run On! It's been over 21 days, does that make it a habit?

Adam said...

Wait, so you DID run, right? If not, I think that you have a good argument with reasons #4 and #3. :)

AND - lol, those pictures of your kids are FUNNY. What a riot.

Marcy said...

OMG PAT!! I was just going to say "Who's the hot chick you've got as a cheerleader" I didn't realize it was your daughter until after I read HAHAHA. Sorry. Totally didn't mean it that way, but she's still good lookin ;-)

RooBabs said...

So, did you take a rest day? I sure hope so. It makes me tired just reading about all your runs. = )

The Running Knitter said...

Love the pics. Glad you got in that rest day.

Irene said...

Even God had a day of rest!

I'm glad to know you're finally resting!

Be well.

Katie said...

I'm sure your legs appreciate it! :-)