Thursday, January 08, 2009

Google Reader!

Tonight was the first week of softball. We split the doubleheader, but before we did I got 1.5 miles in at Snedigar Sports Complex.

Yesterday I got 2 miles in around 9 pm. I was running in my neighborhood when I passed a parked car. Little did I know that there were two teenage girls sitting on the curb behind the car. After they finished screaming, I could hear the laughter. On my second lap they were more prepared for the crazy old man running around at night.

That makes 14 days of running.

Google Reader Wins!

In the old days(last year) I would just go visit each blog I was interested in and that would work. Then I tried hitting the RSS feed button on my google toolbar and it would create a line in my email for the blog. Then I tried Google Reader, but for some reason I went back to the email list. When I did this I started missing posts. Your posts would go to GR, when I was looking for it in my email.

Today I visited GR again and I had over 300 unread posts from blogs I haven't read in months. So, sorry if I haven't read your blog of late. I am in the process of eliminating the email RSS feed and using GR exclusively.


J~Mom said...

I need to switch over to Google Reader as well!

So do we get to know what your new blog title means? Did we miss it somewhere?

Dan Seifring said...

Google reader is the way to go.

Adam said...

Yeah, google reader is the best for sure. In fact, they just updated it so that it automatically puts you as "following" the blogs that you have loaded into your reader.

I meant to comment on it before.... new blog name?

Chad Sayban said...

I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader a couple of months ago and it was a good choice. I really like the way it ties in with my blogs as well.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Come and join us in 2009, Google Reader is da Bomb!

Irene said...

Ditto on what everyone else already said! I''d be lost without it!

Marcy said...

I love my Google Reader!! It's the shiz!

The Running Knitter said...

I used google reader for a while, but now I use FeedDemon. It gives you the ability to make comments within the application, so you don't have a bunch of windows open.