Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Much Taper?

How much is too much when it comes to the 'taper'? The last few halfathons I ran in my taper consisted of a short run of 3 miles followed by a day off before the race. This time I went from a 33 mile week to a 20 mile week followed by a 14 mile week this week. I still ran every day, but this week my runs have been
and then I will run 2 miles tomorrow and 1 on Saturday. So, will the extra rest pay off in a great HM? Or will I bonk at 6 miles, because I forgot how to run long?
Tonight was "Softball nite in Chandler". I ran at the park for 1.82 miles, then played a double header. I'm getting to old for softball. But, I had a good time.
My pace was 10:13 and I did it under 19 minutes. It was a good way to warm up for softball. And it was day 21 of my streak.

So how do you taper?


Database Diva said...

You will totally kick butt because you are rested and ready to go!

K80K said...

In the past I always ran a 10 miler one week out and did a small taper the week leading to the race. This time I did a full 2 week taper with my last 10 miler 2 weeks out and a 6 miler one week out. I ended up having my second faster half marathon time. I am going to stick to the 2 week taper from now on.

Glenn Jones said...

From Pete Pfitzinger (author of Advanced Marathoning and father of the Pfitz Training Plans): "Block off the last 2 or 3 weeks leading up to your goal race to taper your training. By cutting back your training, you allow your body to rebuild to peak strength. Generally, the longer the race the longer the taper that is required for optimal performance. If the length of your goal race is a half-marathon or less, then a 2 week taper should be sufficient to leave you optimally prepared for race day. For a marathon, a 3 week taper is a better option."

Adam said...

I usually do the 3 week taper as well. I've had to really bite the bullet and 'trust my training'.

The interesting thing is that you really have to watch out at the begining of the race so that you don't go out too fast. Usually I find that when I do a full taper I have TONS of energy right at the start.

onepinkfuzzy said...

i taper very haphazardly. it all depends on if i get sick (which is usually a given) and then how much i can run while sick :)

My Life & Running said...

I think I've gotten sick the week of two before every race I've run... no tips for a taper here.

Have a great race Pat. Relish each moment and if you start to lag... remember how blessed you are.

Thanks for the bib#, I'll be cheering for you!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...
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jacker said...
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