Saturday, January 10, 2009

Paloma PTA 5k

The 1st Annual Paloma PTA 5k was today. I, and about 30 other runners toed the line on the Paloma track. Then we hit the streets making a figure 8 around the community.

It was probably 50 degrees at the start, but dry and a good morning for racing. About a dozen runners started out quick and the winner won in about 17 minutes. A cross country kid from Desert Vista HS. My first mile was done in 9:01. Boy, would I like to keep that up for an entire race. The graph below shows my half mile splits and you can see I ran slower splits almost the whole race. Miles 2 and 3 were in 9:34 and 10 minutes flat. Still very good for me. The last mile I ran, I did not see anyone behind me. Wow, I was going to run a good race for me and finish last, or so I thought.

I poured it on at the finish, but gave the man in front of me too much of a lead. I finished at 29:20, my second under 30 5k and only 31 seconds off my PR. Turns out, after about 2-3 minutes there were more runners coming in.

To my surprise, not only did I get a T shirt, but they had finisher medals too. The same medals they give out in the school events. It was a well run event and I thank the PTA. All the volunteers were nice and helpful. The announcer was calling out names when he could. There was even a gentleman that would run down to the next runner, get the bib number, figure out the name, run back to the announcer, so that he could say the runners name. Plenty of cookies, fruit and drink at the finish line.

Yesterday's hike up Piestewa Peak looked like this:

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon after a surprise in the morning. I park my SUV in the drive way and last night I left it unlocked. In the morning I go to my truck and I see the rear door open. I look in and see the contents of the glove box and arm rest scattered on the passenger seat. What I didn't see was my softball equipment and my camera. I was burgled. Now I'm bat less, glove less and camera less. I need a camera for real estate, so that will be replaced. I'll buy a glove, but the bat was a $300 bat. I've had it for a few years, but I doubt I'll be replacing it.

Now, don't feel sad for me. I had some running clothes in the car and they left them. And I had my garmin in the house, so all is right in my world.

The Streak

Has now reached day 16.


Aaron said...

Pat congrats on the great 5K time! Sorry you were robbed. That just stinks...

J~Mom said...

Sorry about your car Pat, that sucks. :<( Congrats on your 5k!!! Awesome job!! Are you going to streak right up to PFChang's? You da man!

Richard Hefner said...

Great run Pat! Wow, they make bats that cost $300 these days?? Talk about inflation. On the bright side, the cameras are a lot cheaper now.

wmd said...

Great job on the 5k time... that is nice!

Bummer about your stuff. No one has any respect anymore. Stuff like that makes me so mad.

Darrell said...

Obviously the bugler weren't runners! Sorry about your stuff.

Anonymous said...

What a bummer about being robbed!

Nice time on the 5K. Way to rock out day 16!

Nat said...

Nice 5K! That hike look awesome.

Sucks they broke into your car. Maybe you'll get a cool new camera out of the deal.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Pat, you're killing me! Congrats on the race and the Cardinal's victory.

Viv said...

Sorry about being robbed. That really sux, Pat.

Pat you have been a running fool, meant in the nicest way. You GO! Sweet on the 5K and the hike!!

RooBabs said...

Congrats on your sub-30 5k!! (and it's always nice not to be last, ha ha). That's cool that they gave out medals- I can't wait to get my first finisher's medal for my half this weekend!

I can't believe your running streak is still alive. You are hard core!

That sucks about your stuff being taken. But way to see the positive side of things.

Jeff said...

What a positive spin on getting robbed. I mean really, you are way too positive, Pat. I've gotta go find some blogs with some nasty people that would actually be pissed.

Nice run, too!

See 'ya.

technology said...
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