Friday, January 16, 2009

P.F. Chang's Rock 'N' Roll Arizona Expo

I went to the Expo earlier today. I'm always amazed by how expensive the stuff at the expo is. I spent less than $10. Not gonna spend $24 bucks or more for a tee shirt. Not gonna spend $98 for a jacket. I'm just not gonna do it.
I did like the race tee. But, I wouldn't spend $24 for it. At the Expo I got to say hi to Bart Yasso. I haven't read his book, so I just had him sign my race bib and didn't talk to him much. I would have sat down for his talk, but I didn't want to bore Amy.

Did you know?

Did I tell you I won my age division at the Paloma PTA 5k? I beat the other guy by over 23 minutes. You gotta love small races. Yeah, I said the other guy, as in the only. other. guy. in. my. age. group.
Did a mile tonight in a little over 11 minutes. One mile gets my streak to 22. Even Ripken didn't play all 9 innings of every game.
Two teams in the Biggest Loser are from my neck of the woods. Cousins Sione Fa of Maricopa and Filipe Fa of Mesa. Dane and Blaine are BIL's from Mesa and Gilbert. Let's see if they can do what Ali Vincent did last season.

Race Checklist:

Current running shoes
running socks
Body Glide
Running shorts
Race shirt - I wear my TnT shirt from my first half.
Throw away sweatshirt (I got it for $2 at Goodwill).
ball cap
garmin w/ strap
Gu's, gels, nourishment
salt packet for pre race
fanny pack (on short runs I like to have my own drink, on long runs I use it to keep my gu's and cell/camera.)
money in fanny pack.
Race Bib, safety pins. I put it on the race shirt, as soon as I have it.
Place timing chip on shoe, asap
two sets of bandaids . one pair gets safety pinned to the backside of the race bib.
Race morning breakfast.
Slippers for after the race (I leave these in the car)
Sweat shirt for after the race
change of clothes
Gatarade for pre race drink in large mouth bottle (in case I need to use it as a porta potty)
Gifts for my supporters (I haven't done this yet, but it would be nice if I had something small for my wife, kids or anyone else that comes out to watch me run)

Am I forgetting anything?


K80K said...

I think you've got everything you could possibly need! Have a great race!

My Life & Running said...

Looks like you are prepared!! Have so much fun Pat! (&& congrats on getting a 1st in your age group ;) )

CJ Miller said...


Irene said...

Wish I were there!

Like I've said before, I predict a new personal record...


Adam said...

I AGREE about the expo prices. I have never bought anything at one of those... that isn't to say that I don't have fun at them though.

GRANTED, I'm a bit of a tight wad, but I can't even force myself to spend that kind of money on stuff!!

Jeff said...
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googler said...
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