Thursday, January 29, 2009

Running Like Ralph Walker

This netflix thing is pretty cool. I got 'Saint Ralph' in the mail today. I keep telling Amy that these running movies aren't really running movies, but a cleaver disguise for relationship movies or the type.

Saint Ralph is a running movie. OK, it does have that lovey dovey crap. But, it has lots of running. It's about a boy, Ralph Walker and his attempt to win the Boston Marathon. Thinking that winning would be a miracle and that's what it would take to get his mom out of a coma. Don't worry, there's more to it than that.

Here's three things I learned about running (from the movie):

1. Keep your arms loose.
2. Sometimes you got to take a chance.
3. If your in the Hamilton, Ontario pool at the just the right angle you can see into the ladies locker room shower.

OK, that last things not about running. But, it's not lovey dovey either.

No running today. I played softball. Our team is bad and I'm not gonna talk about it (1-7).

I just want to run like Ralph Walker. Order the movie, you'll love the running parts.


Viv said...

Thanks for the movie review Pat. I think I am going to start netflix cause that red Box barely has anything I want.

Some guy named John said...

I got my wife to watch Four Minutes with me on a similar pretense - that it was really a period piece. I don't think she bought it. But she did like the movie anyway.

Saint Ralph is also on my NetFlix queue. I'll have to move it up a few notches.

TNTcoach Ken said...

I can't find the time to watch movies, I have this 'streak' going. I'll have to remember the pool situation.

wmd said...

I think I jotted the title of this movie down as one to watch, but forgot about it until now. I am going to have to sign up for netflix.

I love movies, but my wife rolls her eyes at running movies.... she admitted the other day that she liked "Without Limits"

haha... she is hooked!

Jeff said...

Love sports movies. My wife even tolerates them now.

Just added it to my Blockbuster Total Access account.

Thanks for the recommendation!

Adam said...

Huh, I have never heard of that movie. Is it an older one?

I'll have to check it out. I've been on a redbox kick lately... hopefully they have it!