Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ice Baths

So I told Amy, after my long run today that I was going to stand in the pool for 20 minutes and she was to come out in ten minutes to take my picture. I stepped into the pool up to my knees and after a minute I was toast. Well, not toast, toast is hot. I was cold. I couldn't take it and got out.
It was more painful than the end of my run. And that was painful. I planned to do 10 miles today. The last mile and a half was done with my feet and hip protesting. I kept saying my favorite quote from Lawrence of Arabia and ran on.
I will learn to not mind that ice baths hurt.

Today was the 9th day of running in a row. I've run 49 miles in that time.
Housekeeping Issues
How do you answer questions left in the comments? Do you reply in the comments, when you doubt most people check back? Do you reply with a comment on their blog? Do you answer the questions in your next post? Or do you email the questioner?

Running Communities Online
Do you visit these sites and which one's do you prefer?


lifestudent said...

I absolutely cannot do ice baths. I've tried so many times because I know that there are so many benefits ... but it just doesnt work. Now a nice hot bath? That I can do!

J~Mom said...

Hi Pat,

I know that I always forget to go back and look for answers in the comments so I usually email the person but if not I go and answer in their comments. Sometimes I forget to answer though. :>X

wmd said...

I love/hate ice baths... but I really do not use ice. I just fill the tub with the coldest water possible and then soak my legs in it. I am sure that it would be better if I added ice, but it works for now.

I usually answer questions in the comments, but I am sure that most people do not re-read the comments they have left... I know I dont usually unless I am really interested in a question I asked.

Perhaps the best way is to comment on the other persons blog?

Irene said...

I use ice packs but haven't done the ice bath. The closest thing I've was standing (knee deep) in cold beach water after a long run with the track club.

I always respond to comments in my comment section. I know a lady who addresses all of her comments at the start of next blog post. If there's a specific question I will comment back on that person's blog.

The Running Knitter said...

I've grown to love my ice baths. Yes they can be a pain, but I've learned to distract myself with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Even then, I usually only stay in for about 10 minutes. But I'm never sore the next day, and to me, that's priceless.

With regards to answering questions, I usually email the person or comment on their blog.

Darrell said...

Ice baths - are so terrible and wonderful at the same time. The cold pool is a great option.

I like to answer questions by email but not comment comes with an email option. I think it something you can chose to activate in Blogger.

Jeff said...

Ice baths -- not for this guy. Brrrr!

Usually, I'll answer questions back by email, but not everyone has email linked to their profile so I'll answer with another post. Unless, of course, there is some question, commnent or clarification that I want the world to see -- in that case, I'll note it in a future post. So, all of the above, I suppose.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Here in the civilized states, we use hot water to bathe in..... I use an old remedy of ingesting BEvERages until the pain goes away!

SuperDave said...

I tried the ice baths once and it sucked, but it did help..

Adam said...

I've never done an ice bath, but I would be lying if I said that I hadn't thought about it.

I usually reply back in the blog. If they don't check back that is their own fault, right?

My favorite is Runner's World Forums. I'm a long time lurker and very infrequent poster. Why do you ask? (feel free to email OR reply. ha)