Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Having a 3 way and Bib # 32622

Just a taper 2 miler tonight. I went out at what I thought was a leisurely pace. It turned into 9:09 and a 9:38 miles. I really enjoy running 2 miles. It might be the perfect distance. Day 20 in the books.

When I was younger I had a lot of 3 ways.
Now, I get to eat some Skyline. Do you know what Skyline is? Cincinnati Chili? I grew up on the stuff. A bed of spaghetti topped with a unique chili, then cheese. That's called a three way (Cincinnati is a very puritan city, so I never heard a joke about that). Add onions and it's a four way. And of course, put it on a hot dog for a coney.

PF Chang's Rock and Roll Half Marathon 2009

My 2007 results. First HM ever.

I'm getting excited for this half marathon. Deciding what to wear, what to eat in the morning, what to carry with me and what to buy at the expo. This will be my third year running this event, time flies. It's only been around six years, so that means I will have run in half the RnR AZ years. If you are out watching the race, my bib # is 32622.

A Spotlight on Last Nights Run (day #19)

I did 4.18 miles up around the Dobson Ranch lake. I felt the same as the night before. A bit sluggish and not really into it. However, during the run I saw a helicopter overhead with a search light trying to find some fugitive. I figured, I'd either find the guy and he'd hit me over my head for my water or the copter would find me and assume (since I was running) that I was the guy. Neither happened and I returned safely to my SUV, where I waited for my daughter and read the latest issue of Runner's World Magazine.

A Challenge for you.

Chad got a letter published in RW in this issue, so I want to too. So, I'm challenging all of you to see who can be the next runner to have their names somewhere in RW. You can't pay for an ad and it needs to be your full name. If your name is Samuel Adams and they mention the beer, it doesn't count. You need to write an article, letter to the editor or do something to get mentioned. Maybe, win a marathon or safe a life on the course. I'm playing, are you?


Irene said...

I predict a new PR, Pat. It doesn't look like it will be freezing this year. :)

I was justthisclose to getting my name in RW. I participate in the shoe wear test through my track club. I was also interviewed for an article two years ago but the writer didn't use my info directly, and no name recognition. You'll probably get your name in RW before I do.

onepinkfuzzy said...

good luck and HAVE FUN!!!

Nikemom said...

ohhh-la-la. i like the idea of being in rw. maybe i need to submit the shirt that races or the virtual run. hmmmm..... have a great run!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Your streak alone should be enough to get into RW! I'll be checking on the results and yell at my better half TNT Coach Sandy..... Good luck.

Glenn Jones said...

Oh man! I love Cincinnati style chili! Wish we could get it in Southern California! Good luck this weekend!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

With a blog post title like that, I'm betting you are going to get a lot of hits from Eastern Europe.

The RW contest sounds pretty interesting. I think I'm ineligible for it though, right?

Greg said...

I win! My name is Amby Burfoot!

Vanilla said...

Good luck on the half! I'll keep an eye out for you there.

Cool challenge I might just have to write a letter to the editor.

Pat said...

You know you have a hot blog when Amby reads it.

And Amby, I always thought that Burfoot was a horibble name for a runner. But, I do love your mag.

Van - good luck on your race. I'll look for you at the expo. You'll be signing autographs right?

Jeff said...

Yeah, I've had that Skyline Chili, honestly, I don't get it. Just not a chili and pasta kinda guy.

Viv said...
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splendid said...
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