Monday, January 12, 2009

Look Near the Mall

I haven't run with Javamom since the last Rock and Roll Marathon, but I know where to find her. Near the mall. Amy and I have run into Lisa twice. Both times, near the mall. But this time I was shopping for a replacement camera.
Tonight I got to go for a run in Dobson Ranch. Check out the map, alot of the run was along the lake. It was too soon after dinner, so my run was a slowwww one. This makes day 18.
Here's a shout out to my good buddy Chad. Page 16 of the February Runner's World has a letter from him. Now I have to get them to publish one of my letters. Guess I got to write one.


TNTcoach Ken said...

Day 18 and still going strong. Once again, thanks for getting my streak going.

Chad Sayban said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I forgot to make a post about it.

We need to tell Java to stop shopping and start running already. ;-)

Reid said...

I noticed Chad's letter in there and wondered if that was him. To toot my own horn, RW published one of my letters a couple years ago. It was quite the surprise to see it in there. Cool stuff.

Pat said...

Reid, I'm the king of tooting my hown horn, so that's ok. Do you remember what issue? I think I have the last 3 years still.

J~Mom said...

Shhhh...don't tell Javadad where I hang out while he is working hard! :>)

wmd said...

You have some great running routes!

A couple of months ago RW published a photo of the Philly Marathon start.... if you looked all the way to the right... waaaaaay in the back, and squinted real hard... you could see my brother.