Tuesday, August 21, 2007

102 In the Desert

Activity: Run

Miles: 4.42

Time: 58:27

Pace: 13:13

Days: 42 Consecutive

A good out and back to the lake. It was so hot, you could feel the heat coming off the lake water and it didn't smell very good. I ran 82% of the distance. Most times I'm running in the 75% range when running 4 or more miles. Tonight I ran a little further than last night and in less time.
For the month I am at 60.2 miles, which is equal to last August and I still have 10 days left.
Mt. Whitney: It's the last climb at Badwater. Imagine running over 100 miles and then the finish is up on a mountain. What does this have to do with me, the runner that doesn't do very many hill workouts? The runner that considers speedbumps in the road a hill? I have a stretch of road that is about 4/10ths of a mile of straight away. You can see the end, but it seems like it never comes soon enough. I choose to pretend it's the climb up Mt. Whitney to the finish of Badwater. I fix my eyes on the stop sign at the end, I run on the white line and I get their much faster. So, my question is, dear fellow runners; what do you do to keep your eye on the prize during your runs? Do you have any special tricks? Let me know, because eventually I'll get bored pretending I won Badwater.


lifestudent said...

Every Wed night we have a mid-week workout that you can do with my whole training team. I hate it. Its always really hard, and at 6:30pm its just at a time I dont really want to be working out at. Well today its 93 in Chicago...103 with the heat index and 59% humidity. If there was ever a time I didnt want to be running outside, I would say its now ;)

J~mom said...

I picture a piece of clothes I want to fit into. I had this one pair of green shorts that I wanted to wear for the longest time so I used to think about fitting into them. I need to buy the next size smaller though and start over.