Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It only gets better

The nice thing about having a less than stellar run, like I did last night is. . .it only gets better. Tonight was a great run around the neighborhood and then around the lake. The moon was full, the traffic was light, the temperature was almost under 100. A perfect Arizona night in the desert.

Activity: Run
Miles: 4.26
Time: 53:48
Pace: 12.37
Avg HR: 144
Days: 48 straight

I've read a few blogs about the Chicago triathlon and the IronMan Kentucky. Very inspiring. I'm sure many of you read them too. I looked at the course for the Arizona Ironman, it's unbelievable. I have smaller fish to fry, but maybe some day.

The smaller fish being another half marathon or two and then to prepare for doing my first full marathon. Hopefully, sometime in 2008.

If you're looking for a training program for either a half or full marathon you might check out this one from active. The price is right.

1 comment:

Moon said...

oh, man, a run by the full moon sounds *wonderful*! I hope the moon will be out for the Twilight Zone 13K...

I get really inspired by reading the triathlon blogs, too. Maybe someday indeed...