Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blog Action Day

Here's something we all can do to help the environment. Blog about it! I will have a special super duper blog on that day about running and the environment. Of course what else would you expect from a blog called self propelled.

Last night I got in a good 3.58 miles on tired legs. It took me 46:42 of running. That's not counting the 10 minutes of watching a youth football scrimmage. They were hitting hard last night. It was the 45th straight day of exercise for me.

I was concerned I wouldn't have time to exercise today. But, work was light and I had pretty much the whole day off. In the afternoon I did a 'brick' workout. I cleaned my garage and then road the stationary bike. The weather was much better. It was about 85 degrees and 30% humidity. I was drenched just working in the garage. I got the exercise bench out from underneath a bunch of junk and put it on the back patio. There, I can pump iron all winter long. Then I road the bike for 30 minutes while I watched the Georgia little league team win the US championship. This makes 46 straight days of exercise for me.

Tri-athletes, I got my bike down. I haven't ridden it in years. I think I'll need to get it tuned up at the bike shop and then I can use it for some cross training. You know there going to laugh at it at the shop. Oh well.

Baseball fans, I asked if you knew the five major league teams to name themselves after their socks. I know you know the Red sox and white sox. But, did you know that the Reds used to be the Red Stockings. Then they became the Reds, which didn't sit well in the 50's. So, they became the Redlegs and then the Reds once again.

So, who are the last two? The Cardinals in St. Louis were not originally named after a bird. They had cardinal socks. And the Tigers had oragned and black socks that looked like tiger stripes. Now you know the rest of the story.

Tonight Amy and I go to Scottsdale to see our friend James in Deathtrap, a play. A review will be coming soon. Please pray that our kids don't burn our house down. Is it a bad sign when the told me that I only had four beers in the fridge, so I should go to the store? And why is my son putting directional arrows on the lightpoles outside?


J-Wim said...

Enjoy your bike and ignore the giggling at the bike shop, I'm sure they have seena banana seat before.... ;-)
You should put your 4 beers in your trunk for safe keeping. Have fun at the play!

pika said...

Pat I can't tell you how much difference a good bike shop can make in your life. I had a purple Target bike I loved but the boys pretty much destroyed. The local bike shop acknowledged my attachment to the bike and gave me the choice of fixing it - which would cost more than what I paid for it - or buying a new one.

Not only that, they were the ones that discovered Target had assembled Mr. Pi's bike incorrectly when I brought it in for a tune up last spring.

I think that maybe, one day, I'll give a tri a try - but for now I'm just happy to help the environment and ride it to the library, farmer's market and small errands rather than driving.

Randy said...

Hope you enjoy the play....I got my run in was a 20 miler...yes 20...I feel great today...bring on the marathon!!!

Jeff said...

When I took my "old" bike into the shop a couple months ago, I, too, thought they would laugh. (Jenny -- what's wrong with a banana seat :) ) Worst part of it was the almost two day turn around, but I can tell you it felt like a different bike.

Keep the baseball trivia coming!

Anonymous said...

hm. nice style!