Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Stationary Bike

We have a stationary bike in our living room for anyone's use while we watch tv. On my rest days I ride it to work up a sweat. Tonight we all watched tv and I got a workout in. However, before hand my family wanted me to go pick up some ice cream at Dairy Queen.

Don't worry it I'm not going to see how many days I can DQ in a row. I went and got my wife, daughter and son some DQ and I had a tall glass of water while I biked.

Activity: Stationary Bike
Miles: 10.5
Time 40 minutes
DQ: none
Days: 40 consecutive
Mental: Watched Monk (great show) while I road. It went by pretty quick.

Do you know about Badwater? The 135 mile race thru Death Valley in July. It gets over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Here's a rather long video about one of the participants - Gundy or you can visit his website at


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

No better way to enjoy tv than while workout out. Great job!

There is a wonderful film about Badwater called "A Race on the Sun." It does a great job of showing what it is all about.

Randy said...

I've heard of the Badwater...sounds like something to avoid....kind of like Marcy's "crotcherlar issues"

Thanks for checking in on me....sorry I was away from the keyboard for so long....

FV Tom said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. Love yours. Congrats on what you've accomplished. Nice work!

I see that you are in my favorite part of the world. Well, at least it's my favorite part each March. We've been going to Tempe since 1995 for Sprint Training.

Sure am glad that Arte bought my team and not the Dbacks!

scott keeps running said...

so if the 40 consecutive days aren't for DQ then what is? i'll be honest, i don't think anything could be more worth tracking consecutive days for than DQ.

J~mom said...

What? You didn't get any DQ? That is torture! My first job was at DQ! Yummyy!!!!