Friday, August 24, 2007

Must Read Posts

I wish they were written by me, but they were not. Instead I direct you to a post from Donald of Rumbling and Rambling. It might just put a tear in your eye.

And I direct your attention to Running Chick with the Orange Hat. This is all her posts for April, 2007 when she conquered the Boston Marathon. I suggest you read it in chronological order. Then you can move up to this month and see her pix of her bike crash.

I love when I find well written blogs. Someday, I hope to write as well.

Anyone Interested in some softball? Our team, Damage Inc. played again last night. First game was at 6:20 pm, 104 degrees and hot, hot, hot. We got crushed by Iguana Macks, a local eatery. The second game started during a dust storm which brought much cooler temps. We played better until the last inning. Up by one we only needed three outs. We didn't get them. With the bases loaded our second baseman made a costly error letting in the tieing and go ahead runs.

Yes, I was the second baseman. it was a grounder hit right at second base. All I needed to do was pick it up. Tag second and complete the game ending double play at first. In that order. Unfortunately, I didn't pick it up. We lost. Hitting wise, I got 3 hits in 6 at bats. Not great, not bad.

Activity: softball
Time: 2 hours (approx)
days: 44 straight.

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