Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another Nite, Another Run

Run: 3.39

Time: 43:27

Avg HR: 142

Days: 23 consecutive

Today was a great run. Nice, slow and consistent. At least until mile 1.92 when I had to stop at the potty. Luckily there's one at Desert Breeze Lake. Looking at the graph you can see I kept my pace pretty consistent in the beginning. And do you notice the two little sprints I did near the end. I was down to a 5.50 pace for a bit. I just like to see what it's like for the elite racers. Sadly, their marathon pace is still faster. You can click on the graph to see it larger.


bigmike600 said...

Continue the slow easy pace thing. I'm dead works. Go a couple weeks with the low heart rate runs and then try one all out. You'll see a big difference. Also keep using the cytomax or accelerade. They work too. Nice job on the exercise streak..How long can you go?

J-Wim said...

It fun to try to run with the big dogs isn't it? And tiring. I can only do it for a couple few seconds, er minutes, but it sure is fun!

Jeff said...

Way to go, Pat. Gotta tell you, I'm totally jealous -- wish I could get out there with you (damn ankle!)

J~mom said...

Great job!!! I had trouble commenting here last night!

I can't believe how many days in a row you have been going at it!! It's awesome!

The 5K is sneaking up quick! Are you still going?