Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm it and your next.

Both Jwim and BigMike tagged me from Wisconsin.

Jobs I've held: Sunday Newspaper delivery (got car sick the first day and had to retire), Kentucky Fried Chicken (Chicken Fryer, you should see a coachroach fry with the chicken, it's amazing), Hotel employee ( we furnished a new hotel), Friendly's Ice Cream (waiter), Mr. Softee (ice cream truck driver), Community College Salesman (had to go door to door in low income housing to recruit students - it paid well), Perkin's Cake and Steak (waiter - my dad was the manager), Sign painter (at college), Student Union (front desk), College telephone operator (at Earlham College)

Grown Up Jobs: Managed 7-Eleven in St. Louis, Managed Baker's Shoe Store (St. Louis- shoes for women, not bakery employees), Furniture Salesman (StL), Sold Cars (Fords in StL- don't tell my folks I did this. I told them I was a piano player in a brothel, it just sounded better), Sales Rep for The Telephone Doctor (StL), Sales Rep for Tom Hopkins Seminars (AZ), Sales Rep for a post card company (AZ), Realtor for the past 10 years.

Future Jobs: I want to be one of those old guys that live in an RV at a national park camp ground all summer. Or maybe a pro baseball player. Whichever, I can do when I'm 65.

Movies I can watch over and over: Pretty much any of them, because I forget them about 24 hours after I've seen them. But, I do like Forrest Gump, Airforce One, Field of Dreams and anything with Tom Hanks in it.

That's Forrest Gump trying to explain to my daughter why life is like a box of chocolates.

My Guilty Pleasures: BBQ, Ice Cream and whatever BigMike says (cause he's got good taste) Of course, insert Amy for Jwim (cause mike can probably beat me up).

Places I've lived: Cincinnati, Ohio, Wilmington, Ohio, Cincinnati (College Hill ), Richmond, IN (college), St. Louis, MO., University City, MO. (near Blueberry Hill),Maryland Hts, MO., Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO., Florrissant, MO., Chandler, AZ.

Shows I enjoy: Biggest Loser, Sports, How I met your Mother, Monk, lots of things on the Discovery and Travel Channels.

Vacation Spots: Niagra Falls, Florida, Tennesse, Cancun, England, France, Japan, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, Colorado, Schliterban, The Field of Dreams. I've been in 29 states and 7 different countries. Can you guess which 7?

Websites I visit daily: Self Propelled (I just find this guy fascinating), all my blogging buddies listed to the right, Cincinnati.com, RunningAhead.com, The Cincinnati Reds, MyFoodDiary.com, various real estate websites, Runnersworld, The Weather Channel, ESPN and others.

Awards I have won: chosen captain of HS football and wrestling teams - senior year, President's Award (Real Estate) for 6 years straight, 1974 City Champs - Cincinnati youth football, 3 finisher's medals - half marathons (all 2007).

Nicknames: Pat, Dad (I like this one best)

Ok, Now I get to tag some folks. Who do I want to learn about. Let's see . . .

My Sister Margie

Jeff in Baltimore

Vic in Houston

Steve in Ohio


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Quite a list of jobs. It's amazing how many you can have before finding the one that "works out".

Do you have any big running goals?

Pat said...

yeah, a lot of jobs. Most were during college and the first 3 years after graduating. 18 of the last 20 years have been in two jobs. 8 years as a car salesman and 10 years as a Realtor.

I'm currently deciding on my next half marathon and eventually a full.


J-Wim said...

piano player in a cathouse.... There's a Toby Keith song called the critic that has that line in it....lol

J~mom said...

That was a fun post Pat!

Jeff said...

Pat -- Mike got me first, but thanks for the double team!

I LOVED Mr. Softee -- haven't seen one of those trucks in forever.

Seven countries, huh, let's see US, Canada and Mexico are the easy ones. Assume from the picture that you've been to France. How about England, Germany and maybe a vacation in the Bahamas.

Dan Seifring said...

I can usually hear the Mr. Softee truck before the kids and I turn the TV up real loud until it passes by.