Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Running Within

"Yes, I'm reading another book on running", I said to my wife. I'll get to that Harry Potter book eventually. Now, if Harry ran more than he flew; I might read it today.

"Running Within" is a book written by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott. Here's a few things they say.

A runner asked his coach how long it would take to become a world class runner. The coach said it would take him 5-7 years. The runner asked if he doubled his efforts, worked out every day and focused his entire life on running, how long would it take. The coach thought for a minute and said it would take 10-12 years. The point being that the runner would stress his body too much, get injured and fatigued too often and therefore reach his goals (if he reaches them at all) much later than anticipated. Interesting thought.

The authors also mention the bumblebee. How experts in aerodynamics say it's impossible for a bumblebee to fly. It's not aerodynamic, it weights too much and other reasons. The authors say it nice that the bumblebee can't read.

The subtitle to this book is, "A guide to mastering the body-mind-spirit connection for ultimate training and racing". As I read more, I'll pass it along.

I wanted to run this morning. But, the pillow won and I got lots of rest. I mean lots of rest. I'll run tonight.

On another note, I planned on playing on two softball teams this fall. A church coed team (that I really like) and a men's team that I was helping to form. But, we couldn't get enough men to play and after we decided not to form the team I got a call. It was from another team needing one more player. So, it looks like I'll be playing on Thursday nights for the next 4 weeks, then two nights a week for about 4 weeks. My kids are also getting involved with Venture Crew, a branch of the boy scouts (but coed). Looks like will be doing a lot of different activities with them and my son and I are taking a Japanese Swordsmanship class with the city rec department. It should be an interesting fall season.


Mendy said...

Sounds like a really good read. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks, Pat, for stopping by my blog to wish my hubby better. He's been healing quite well, and we are extremely thankful he isn't worse than he could have been. A blessing!

J-Wim said...

I always thought the Venture Crew sounded fun. They tried a while back to start one up with my sons' Boy Scout troop, but couldn't get it up and running. Too bad... having girls around would have kept the boys interested in scouting a little longer I think.

Tom said...

Pat. Running Within is a favorite of mine. I should pick it up and re-read it more often. You can never know too much Japanese Swordsmanship...Take care.