Monday, August 06, 2007

80 Degrees, 62% Humidity

But that beats the alternative. It's going to be cooler today, but the 100's aren't gone just yet. I enjoyed a morning run today.

Run: 3 miles
Time: 37.30
Days: 27 consecutive.
Splits: 11.17,12.56,13.18
Run/walk: 77% run

Last year on the 5th of August I ran 10 laps around our block. My notes say I walked most, ran some. It took me 59 minutes and I covered 3.3 miles. My entry in this blog for that days says it all: August 5, 2006

A Baseball Question: If the commissioner, Bud Selig is supposed to be at historical events in baseball like Barry Bonds' record home run, then why isn't he at Tom Glavine's 300th win? A mark that most say will never be reached again.

Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (Souplantation) is always a good time. Amy and I celebrated the first day of school by eating lunch out. We are now the proud parents of two high school students.

gotta run, pat


J~mom said...

Look at how far you have come!! Great job!

Pat said...

Thanks, I was thinking that too. But, I'm more excited about where I'm heading. As, I'm sure you are too.

J~mom said...

It did make me chuckle. :>)

Shhh..don't tell the bikers I have not bought my bike shoes yet. I have to catch up from the bike purchase first. BUT, when I do get them I am all over that picture! Great idea!

I am planning on being at the 5K so I will see you there! Are you going for a PR?

Pat said...

I am going for a PR. But, it's uphill to begin with and I will know a lot when I reach the 1 mile mark. I'll do a post later this week with my strategy.