Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Garmin Update

A short easy run tonight. It was 104 fahrenheit, so I just wanted a nice consistant pace without my heart rate going thru the roof. I ran with my ipod for the first time since I got my garmin. In addition to my Ipod I had my garmin and my polar HR monitor. Which means I had on two, count them two chest straps. I wore my polar, because I can read it. On my garmin, the HR reading is very small and hard to read. Especially in the dark. But, I wanted my HR graphed above.

activity: Run

Miles: 2.07

time: 23.49

Pace: 11.30

Weather: 104

Days: 43 Consecutive.

I decided to read my owner's manual again. They had to have a solution for the HR reading. On page 43 it talks about changing data fields. Now one of my screens looks like the above. Time of run in top left, pace in top right, distance in bottom left and HEART RATE in bottom right. I love my garmin.


J~mom said...

Yeah, the HR is sure hard to read on there.

Great job on your pace tonight! The heat is just brutal right now. Thee has to be an end soon!

J~mom said...

Thee= There

J~mom said...

Oohhhhhhhh!! I see!! I do have the capability to do that on mine. Great, thanks!

Dan Seifring said...

I just recently figured that out also Pat. It is much better now. How were the two readings (polar/garmin) were they the same?