Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Year Later

Rewind to August 12th, 2006 and look at my running log. It says, "Best Run Yet!". I traveled 3 miles, running half of it in 47 minutes. It was 88 degrees and I logged 10.3 miles for the week.

Fast forward to today.

Run: 3.02 miles, 100% running
Time: 37.12
Pace: 12.19
Avg HR: 149
Temps:105 degrees.
Days: 33 Consecutive
21.7 miles for the week. You can see the details above.
Lifetime Miles: 791

Quote of the Day: You don't run 26 miles at five minute pace on good looks and a secret recipe - Frank Shorter.


Amy said...

What a great perspective and great accomplishment!

Jeff said...

Too bad you can't measure how good you feel. Way to go, Pat.

J-Wim said...

Ooh, the joy of data!
You've come a long way Pat!

J~mom said...

That is a great quote! Great job!!