Monday, August 27, 2007

Ironman Kentucky

Countries I've visited:
7 Countries

States I've visited:

27 States

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Hey, my cousin David is an Ironman, again. Congratulations David.

Got in a short 2.66 mile run/walk. My garmin said low battery, I think it was talking about me. I got out the door saying I would at least go 2 miles or 30 minutes. I made it for 37.49. That makes 47 straight days.


J~mom said...

That is so awesome! What an accomplishment. I can't even comprehend all of the swimming, biking and running! Amazing!

J-Wim said...

Yeah David -!
Solid time, well within the cutoff. What I find most interesting is I remember watching him come across the finish on Ironman LIve last night while watching for Misty to cross. Wouldn't even have known that except I see from your pic that he hails from Slidell LA and I recall hearing the name of the town announced.
e-high five to David!

Spark Driver said...

You have done well visiting all those states. Not many left to go.

bigmike600 said...

Give him a big congrats for me. Remember my Brewers prediction? They go head to head with the Cubs now and could wind up 4 games back. I warned everyone so I feel clean on this one.

K80K said...

Your states visited map makes mine look very sparse. :/ Congrats to your cousin! That is an awesome accomplishment.

Firefly's Running said...

That's SUPER! Congrads!

Margie said...

I think you need to check your states again your missing one.