Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dinner and a Run

My wife, Amy and the kids went grocery shopping today. When they got to Basha's my wife told the kids to go buy the groceries and make sure you get something for dinner tonight.
Tyler and Emily went by themselves and bought some fresh uncooked chicken, Shake and Bake, fettichini and some other stuff. Tonight, we got Chicken Parmagiana. It was fabulous.

The garlic bread was great too. Not only did they buy the ingredients, but when I got home. Tyler (16yo) and Emily (14yo) were in the kitchen making dinner.

After dinner, I went for a run. Here's the map. I did my run past Desert Breeze Lake.
Run: 4.01 miles
Time: 49.36
Pace: 12.21
Avg HR: 147
Days: 29 Consecutive

I'm doing a much better job of taking it slow and running longer. Tonight I made it to 2.65 miles before my first walk break. Before the run I had a Strawberry/Banana GU. Tomorrow nite I might try having one before the run and one at the 2 mile mark.

The best news. The kids bought some cinnamon buns for breakfast. I should have taken a picture of those.


Amy said...

What a nice idea! I like that...a dinner and a run. Great job running in the heat!

J~mom said...

That is so stinking cute!! The dinner looks yummy too!

Great job on your run! You are going to do awesome at the 5K! I am going to try to find you and just follow you, LOL. If I can keep you in site I might be able to hit 33 minutes if you hit 30.

bigmike600 said...

Dude I'm starved. You are doing great again on the runs. Remeber slow and easy for a week and then go harder and then back to slow and easy. It works.
Nice license plates too.

Pat said...

p.s. you can tell I didn't set the table. I would have never left the spaghetti in the pot. At least they didn't leave it in the water.

and yes, it was very good.

lifestudent said...

Im more interested in the cinnamon rolls, pastries are my true weakness. I look forward to Sundays (I do my long runs on Saturday) because they almost ALWAYS include some form or pastry. Rewarding myself makes it all worth it ;)

J-Wim said...

Wanna trade kids for a while? I like yours better than mine.....

Jeff said...

Kids making dinner? I don't let mine toast bread in the morning!