Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Record Breaker

Today can be a record breaker for us here in the valley. Notice 2 hours north in Flagstaff it's 50 degrees cooler. Not sure if that's accurate, but northern Arizona is always cooler because of the altitude. Friday afternoons in the summer you can see bumper to bumper traffic jams heading north.
Stay tuned for my running report in this temperature. I'm learning to embrace triple digits.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Good job with the run. I can't believe you are out there in that end-of-day must be training for Badwater or something.

Dan Seifring said...

Yeah, and you want me to bring my family to AZ for vacation? Nice try.

Irene said...


J~mom said...

I am just about done with the heat. I try so hard not to whine but it is old now. ;>)

Nice job on your runs this week!

Amy said...

Run - in triple digits?!? I did 95 degrees on Monday and I thought I was going to die - and I am not kidding. I would be interested in you telling us how different a 109+ run is versus 95 - something tells me it is exponentially different! Please take care!

J-Wim said...

I am sweating just sitting here looking at your map, while sipping koolaid in the AC.
Yuck. Just for running in that heat without melting makes you one of my heros man.

bigmike600 said...

I actually love the heat. I can't run to the extremes in speed or distance but I like the feeling of the sun on me when running. Plus when you are done, it's fun to be that sweaty. I like to come in and hug my kids without them realizing I'm sweaty, or I'll toss them my shirt without them realizing it's soaked. My kids do it back to me (sometimes worse-like tape the sprayer on the kitchen sink to the on position and point the sprayer right at your crotch so it looks like you peed your pants) so I don't feel too bad.
Keep up the run. Maybe next year if I can figure something out maybe we can come out there for a half mary or full mary to run with you on some weekend. It would be cool to meet you.

Jeff said...

Funny story (well, funny now) -- my grandparents retired to Phx. My brother and I spent three wks out there their first summer. I was probably 15 -- about 1980.

Bro and I decided to walk from their condo to Christown Mall -- about 6 blocks. Well, we got lost and spent about an hour wandering around in the 112 degree mid-day mid-July heat.

Finally found a bank that would let us call them. We were about 12 blocks in the wrong direction.

So, every time you talk about the heat, I have a flash back to that toasty afternoon! Thanks for the memories.

Stephanie said...

Found your blog through I believe Runners world forums that I am a frequent lurker on.

I'm in AZ too, been out here about 3.5 years now. Though I love the heat I find it difficult to run when it's 110+ outside. I salute you! :)