Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Plan

The plan was to show homes from 4:30 to 6 pm and then head to the gym to run on the treadmill. But, my client found a home they liked and we ended up spending the next three hours with the home builder doing paperwork. So, no gym tonight. Don't get me wrong, I like selling a home and my wife appreciates the commission check.

After I finished at the builders and dropped my client off at their car, I headed to Sonic. I was starved. A burger, fries and shake later I made it home.

So, I was prepared to have my streak of consecutive days of exercise stopped at 20. Except, their was a stationary bike in the family room with my name on it. At 11:30 pm I jumped on and watched M*A*S*H* and got a 30 minute bike ride in for 6.8 miles.

Stationary Bike
30 minutes
6.8 miles
21 consecutive days.

Not a great workout, but a workout none the less.

And another thing about M*A*S*H*, Did you know that Harry Morgan played Col. Potter. Harry . . . Potter?


J-Wim said...

Huh, I too was watching MASH at the same time (gotta love Nick @ Nite). From my bed. with the sleep timer on. Well, really I watched the first 20 minutes, and slept through the end. That's my special trick.
Col Harry Potter, interesting.

bigmike600 said...

Harry Morgan played Col. Sherman T. Potter. Interesting to say the least. J-Wim can't fall asleep with out the tv on so my brain dreams of MASH, Seinfeld, CSI or whatever channel she has it set to. Maybe we should get a learning spanish DVD and listen to that to fall asleep.