Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Running Schedule

Here's my tentative running schedule for the next few months:

September - the Run to Remember 5k on the 8th, I Did a Run 5k on the 16th, Montezuma Castle 10k on the 29th.

October - Cactus Cha Cha 3 mile Trail Run on the 13th, Race for the Cure 5k on the 14th, Ghost and Goblins 5k on the 28th. I know two of them are back to back days, but they're short races.

November - New Times 5k on the 11th, Dobson Ranch 5k on the 12th, Las Vegas Turkey Trot 5k on the 17th.

December - Half Marathon time. I am either doing the Fiesta Bowl Half in Scottsdale or the Tucson Half in Tucson.

and then in January I will be doing the Rock and Roll half marathon again.

Anyone want to come out to Arizona and run, I'd love to see you.


Spark Driver said...

I would love to run in Arizona. Pity it is 8,205 miles (13,240kms phew)from my place in Australia.

Maybe one day mate. Thanks for the invite.

J-Wim said...

Your runs have great names... the cactus cha cha made me giggle.
Maybe someday we'll have to road trip down and check one of them out!

Firefly's Running said...

I would love to P.F. Chang's again for the THIRD time, but I am giving it a year off. I will be there in May for graduation at GCU. :D

K80K said...

I would come to Arizona for the run, but my full in WDW is also in January. Not sure I could tackle a half the same month as my first full. Wouldn't be surprised if they were on the same day since Disney pushed their race out this year.

J~mom said...

Your schedule looks great! What is the Montezuma run? I have not seen that one listed anywhere?

I will see you at a few of those!!

J~mom said...

Thanks for the link!! I have seen on some blogs a spot where you comment that you can add a link but it must be some setting that you change because I didn't see it on yours just now.