Friday, August 17, 2007

Bright and Early

I played softball until 10:30 last night, so I wasn't planning on running this morning. But, around 5:30 am, I awoke. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got the newspaper off the drive and sat down to read. My kids woke up surprised to see me. Being a Realtor, my day doesn't have to start early and I was planning on sleeping in. Then, sometime after 7 am, I decided I might as well enjoy the weather and get my run in. I should have eaten more for breakfast, because I soon learned I was running on empty.

The first 1.5 miles were great. I ran to the west and headed toward the lake. I made it there in about 18 minutes, had a pit stop and headed back for home via the long route (around the lake). That's when my tank read empty and I started my run/walk intervals. At least I didn't have to call for a tow.

Run: 3.43 miles
Time: 46.19
pace: 13.31
Avg HR: 139
Mind: Going out was great, didn't have to think, just run. As I got tired, I tried to occupy myself with thinking about softball. But, boy was I tired. Could have used a GU at this point.
Days: 37 Consecutive

Javamom was wondering how much you could add to a 5k race (or any race) distance wise. Like if you always followed the curb or was always on the outside of the pack when you made turns. I was wondering the same thing. I got on google earth and measured my last race, but didn't come up with any empirical proof. I guess it's really a matter on how many curves are in the race. I looked and looked and I think I finally found the data we need, but I might need every one's help crunching the numbers. So, if you are up to it help me out. Just click here and start reading.


J~mom said...

I read that and my answer is yes you can. LOL Actually, I think my DH really understands that stuff. Blah.

Great job on your run, did it rain on you?

So what did you figure from google earth, can you add distance? Inquiring minds want to know!

J~mom said...

Well I googled and googled it and I cannot find where I read about adding distance to your race. I wonder if it was in a penguin book or if I just thought it up. LOL I am really curious now.

I played with google earth and it looks like by zigzagging you could add little mileage. I swear that where ever I read it said that you can add as much as a mile to a marathon.

I dunno. It's a mystery.

Pat said...

I measured the south mountain course we ran from the start line to the speed bump near the one mile mark. someone that ran it following the curb and taking wide turns because of traffic among other racers could end up running 1/100 of a mile further. Over the course of a marathon that would be slightly over 1/4 of a mile added. That's like an extra lap on the track. 2-4 more minutes to your marathon.

but, this isn't real scientfic.

Irene said...

I can't run on empty, either.

When I use my wirless run tracker and have a set distance in mind, I guess it doesn't matter how wide I take the turns because it's still going to measure what distance I've gone -- but in a race, I guess that's a whole nother story. Your analogy makes sense. Know any Engineers? Good topic.