Monday, August 13, 2007


my ompuer won' allow me o ype CHVT’s. I ae o opy and pase o ge em on paper. Unless I email, I an ype en.

Ok. I figured out how to leave this message. What I was trying to say is for some reason I cannot type the letters C,H,V, or T’s. I can in an email, but not on blogger or many other sites.

It can’t be my keyboards, because I can type them in an email. I’m afraid it might be a virus. If anyone has had this problem and can help me, please leave a comment.

You ask how I left typed this. I did it on my email software and copied, then pasted.

Tanks for all your elp, Pa


Firefly's Running said...

ROFL! How cool!

Joey Wu said...

Sometime no keys work for my keyboard. It ok my english bad so no one notice. ha ha
I like blog very much. Very fair for walking or running. And very NO DOGS!
Happy times,

scott keeps running said...

i'm not a big fan of those letters anyway.

thanks for stopping by. nice race on saturday also. 90 degrees at 6am!! ouch.

J-Wim said...

(giggling a little bit)
No idea what you did, but makes for an entertaining post.
Somone somewhere thinks you need to tweak your creativity up a notch and learn to posdt without this letters. Good lukk Pa .

Dan Seifring said...

an' elp you Pa I am no a ing any problems. LOL

Margie said...

ask and you shall receive lol

ali said...

too funny!

Jeff said...

Awesome, Pat, even your keyboard is losing weight. 4 keys down, 22 to go!

Pat said...

Somehow, it corrected itself overnite. I can now type chvt. but, if I make any spelling mistakes in the future, I'll blame it on my keyboard.